“A wonderfully funny and compelling book about how to develop your career in the corporate world, loaded with helpful tips and pitfall warnings learned from the author’s personal journey from small-town girl to corporate executive.”

Vince Klaseus, president, Brand Development, NBC Universal

“Eva is an unique, passionate, and authentic leader and person. Her energy and wisdom are infectious and guiding lights for our entire team. Eva makes me and everyone around her better every day. You will love this book!”

James D. “Jim” Fielding, president, Consumer Products and Innovation, Twentieth Century Fox

“True to her spirit, Eva cuts the crap and reveals the truths of working, getting ahead, and enjoying it all—even in tough times. The exercises are simple but great and will help you hone in on your dreams, your path, and how to get there.”

Mary Beech, chief marketing officer, Kate Spade

“Eva’s take on what it takes to get ahead is witty, earthy, and honest. Fun, insightful, and thought-provoking . . . just like Eva!”

Tim Kilpin, toy and consumer products industry executive

“Fun, quick-witted, incredibly thoughtful, and smart, Eva’s guide is personal, heartwarming, pure common sense, and incredibly human. A must-read!”

Jeannine D’Addario, chief marketing officer, The Guitar Center

“Having both worked alongside and managed Eva over her career at Disney, it is wonderful to see her experiences channeled into this book and providing valuable lessons for anyone striving to succeed in the workplace.”

Bruce Morrison, president and CEO, Trends International

"My sales and marketing team found Eva's blend of real world career best practices and inspirational messages highly valuable. She is a motivating storyteller who also provides actionable ideas and easy tools." 

Dion Vlachos, EVP, Sales and Marketing, Nickelodeon 

"Eva has made my managers laugh, made them smarter and helped them connect with their authentic selves. I would recommend her for any speaking engagement, but especially for high potential managers."

Lisa Schenk, VP, Talent Management, Lieberman Research Worldwide

"Eva inspired my students in such a way that they left with the feeling that they too may be able to navigate a career of their dreams. She is a dynamic, articulate and generous individual who is clearly is successful at motivating others."

Ellen Pittleman, Professor, UCLA, Business of Economics

"I had the privilege of having Eva speak to my students at my entertainment marketing class at Loyola Marymount University. She easily engaged with the students and shared her path to getting her "dream job" plus stories from her career in a very compelling and motivating way. Eva easily balanced her southern care, creativity and hard work ethic. She compelled the students and left them wanting more."

Robert Marick, SVP, NBCUniversal & Adjunct Professor, Loyola Marymount